Male Snakes Pose As Ladies To Sneak Into Massive Orgies

For red-sided garter snakes, orgies are used for reproduction after a long hibernation. Some snakes, however, miss the alarm and arrive late to the party. Here's how they pull tricks to get in on the action. Wild Sex Playlist | Read More: Video: Sex obsession a killer for male snakes–research-footage-shows.html
“Analysis of snakes’ sexual activity in the four months out of hibernation has confirmed that males' physiologically expensive approach to reproduction causes them to die earlier and in worse condition than females.” Red-sided Garter Snakes Begin Their Annual Orgy Every May
“Each spring as the sun begins to warm the land, the largest gathering of snakes in the world emerges from their underground lairs in Narcisse, Manitoba. They have one thing on their mind – mating.” Narcisse Snake Dens
“The largest single concentration of harmless garter snakes in the world is a writhing Canadian serpent orgy.” Check Out Wild Sex on Facebook! – Sign Up For The Seeker Newsletter Here –